Technical Team Lead (Implementation)

Job description

About FintechOS:

We believe easy access to finance is as essential as electricity, water and education. It’s essential for all our lives to prosper. Creating highly personalized financial solutions can make an unimagined difference to everybody, everywhere - from disruptors, entrepreneurs and start-ups to traditional players and governments.

For us, financial technology is freedom.

Some facts

  • FintechOS is a product company, building an innovative platform for a global market in the fintech space
  • Venture-backed business started in Bucharest, with a big list of international clients already under our belt, serving customers in Europe, UK, and North America
  • Scaling globally at a high speed: 140+ people, 3 countries with 100% YOY growth rate over the last years
  • FAST 50 & FAST 500 ranked by Deloitte amongst top technology companies in Europe and EMEA
  • Ranked in TOP 3 best fintech in CEE

Technical context:

FintechOS is a .net web platform set up on Windows Server. It can run on one or multiple VPSs and requires .net framework 4.5, and IIS to work. Its primary database engine is MSSQL. Setting it up requires DevOps knowledge in a Windows Server context. Other systems interact with FintechOS through APIs secured with TLS and FintechOS apps can be accessed through several authentication providers like Azure AD or Okta.

FintechOS is currently looking for a Technical Team Lead, that will possess expert domain knowledge and be accountable for project technical implementations. You will deal with clients' most senior executives and by demonstrating strong leadership, you will give them the confidence to trust in our ability to deliver working solutions. Being the most senior FintechOS consultant on a project, you will be expected to demonstrate the gravitas that comes with this responsibility.

The role requires that your decision-making process considers risk and the commercial relationships between FintechOS and its clients, consistently striving to deliver value to all parties. You will be responsible for leading the Scope & Analysis phases to develop a shared vision of the end-state solution with clients.

To facilitate a project’s delivery, you must ensure that a milestone-oriented plan, which reflects all known external dependencies, is in place and that it is managed throughout the project lifecycle. The role will involve managing the implementation team charged with delivering the solution to the client. The team will be made up sometimes from a combination of FintechOS employees and partner staff.

Job requirements

The Technical Team Lead in FintechOS must be proficient in the following skills:

  • Evaluate information from multiple sources, applying intuition, logic and judgement to weigh their value and relevance to the decision at hand
  • Show persistence and resourcefulness in the face of obstacles. Deeply motivated to deliver what was committed
  • Create a shared learning and knowledge transfer environment and process across the company
  • Highly experienced in the full software development lifecycle and the implementation of software solutions into client architectures
  • Experienced in Agile delivery and feel comfortable tailoring it to client’s situation
  • Strong expertise in data integration techniques to multiple data sources and in Security frameworks for Cloud based implementations
  • There are no secrets for you in the following: Enterprise Integration Patterns and Frameworks, JavaScript frameworks, MVC patterns and principles of REST APIs, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud architecture and micro-services architecture
  • MS SQL Server


  • Experience with Portal/Web Content Management
  • Familiar with architectural patterns such as Microservices, CQRS, event sourcing
  • Have experience with server virtualisation and containers technology such as Docker, VMWare, HyperV
  • Experience using API gateway, service registry, etc

Nice to have:

  • Enterprise service bus systems
  • On prem infrastructure – networking stuff, load balancers, etc.
  • Cloud infrastructure (azure, amazon)

Product overview:

FintechOS accelerates the adoption of modern technology for financial services institutions (i.e. banks & insurance companies) by rethinking how apps are built for the enterprise.

Our platform allows any tech-savvy user to create apps by using an intuitive visual editor to design everything from the database model, to business workflows and the user interface. This rapid app development process imposes virtually no limits on creativity and complexity but at the same time - since all apps run inside FintechOS - makes sure they benefit from enterprise-grade security and scalability.

This visual editor (FintechOS Studio) makes use of a growing library of backend services and reusable components ranging from simple UI blocks to complex modules adding advanced functionality such as security, KYC, video conferencing, digital signatures, transactional emails or A.I.

Our customers use FintechOS to build, deploy and run apps in record time, easily integrating the latest technologies required to offer a modern, personalized user experience for all their services.

Team overview:

We are a highly motivated bunch of people, taking on a huge technical challenge in one of the biggest industries of the world. We're fully aware that the impact of our work can be felt by hundreds of millions of people around the world - the end users who access financial services through FintechOS apps deployed in banks and insurance companies across the globe.

That's why we're making sure we have the right muscle to do it: we are a strong team of technology experts, each with more than 15+ years’ experience building complex software - and we're looking for fellow engineers who can run this marathon - and occasional sprints - with us :)