Technical Solution Architect

Job description

Technical context

FintechOS is a .net web platform set up on Windows Server. It can run on one or multiple VPSs and requires .net framework 4.5, and IIS to work. Its primary database engine is MSSQL. Setting it up requires devops knowledge in a Windows Server context. Other systems interact with FintechOS through APIs secured with TLS and FintechOS apps can be accessed through several authentication providers like Azure AD or Okta.

Technical architect - a short summary

A technical architect's primary responsibility is to design and implement the infrastructure required for running FintechOS, ensuring interoperability with the client's existing systems. The technical architect's main concerns are uptime, security and scalability. 

Job overview

  • Analyze the business requirements of each FintechOS implementation project and then design and set up the required technical infrastructure to support it. Decisions include: cloud vs on-premise, server count, load balancing solution, backups and redundancy approaches, disaster recovery, communication protocols and security configurations.
  • Assist with solving technical problems when they arise. Typical situations include: file synchronizations between FintechOS and our clients' servers, FintechOS upgrades, integrations with third party technology providers
  • Work with the cloud architect and platform developers to ensure FintechOS deployment according to project specifications and considering the client's technical constraints
  • Participate in technical workshops with our customers' technical teams to reply to any questions and concerns regarding FintechOS technology
  • Coordinate with our clients' technical teams to identify all requirements and necessary steps for integration between FintechOS and their existing systems
  • Support our pre-sales department in responding to the technical sections of RFPs 

Job requirements

  • Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical infrastructure specifications
  • Good presentation and communication skills, especially in conveying technical information 
  • Excellent understanding of web server architecture, web application architecture and web server security
  • Experience designing web application architecture in enterprise environments
  • Experience deploying web applications in Windows Server environments
  • Basic Windows PowerShell scripting knowledge (file manipulation, software installation and updates)
  • Very good command of the English language