Technical Director

Job description

Job overview

FintechOS is a technology as a service platform for financial services organizations needing to transform legacy products into cloud based, customer-centric applications that drive revenue. Developed by experts in the financial technology industry, FintechOS empowers banks and insurance companies to accelerate their digital transformation by combining the full force of technical capability with a rapidly deployable platform.

Key takeaways:

• FintechOS is a product company, building an innovative platform for a global market in the fintech space

• HQ is in London, the product decisions are made in Bucharest and London

• The key team members have 15+ years’ experience

• Venture-backed business started in Bucharest, with a big list of international clients already under our belt

• Currently in scale-up stage: 130+ people, 3 countries

Product overview

FintechOS accelerates the adoption of modern technology for financial services institutions (i.e. banks & insurance companies) by rethinking how apps are built for the enterprise.

Our platform allows any tech-savvy user to create apps by using an intuitive visual editor to design everything from the database model, to business workflows and the user interface. This rapid app development process imposes virtually no limits on creativity and complexity but at the same time - since all apps run inside FintechOS - makes sure they benefit from enterprise-grade security and scalability.

This visual editor (FintechOS Studio) makes use of a growing library of backend services and reusable components ranging from simple UI blocks to complex modules adding advanced functionality such as security, KYC, video conferencing, digital signatures, transactional emails or A.I.

Our customers use FintechOS to build, deploy and run apps in record time, easily integrating the latest technologies required to offer a modern, personalized user experience for all their services.

FintechOS changes everything financial services players know about the speed of process and product development. Our platform combines evolutive data with embedded A.I. capabilities to make fast, agile digital transformation possible.

Technical context

FintechOS is a .net web platform set up on Windows Server. It can run on one or multiple VPSs and requires .net framework 4.5, and IIS to work. Its primary database engine is MSSQL. Setting it up requires DevOps knowledge in a Windows Server context. Other systems interact with FintechOS through APIs secured with TLS and FintechOS apps can be accessed through several authentication providers like Azure AD or Okta.

Job requirements

Technical Director - a short summary

Bucharest based Technical Director, reporting to the Chief Delivery Officer (London based), you oversee, technically, a portfolio of projects managing both your team results and client expectations. Leading multiple delivery teams, you are on top of new developments and near-future demands, translating your project insights into product vision.

You are responsible for the technical aspects of all FintechOS implementation projects, defining the methodology, tools and techniques to be used and coaching team members in the application of these processes. In this role, it comes down to your expert technical knowledge as much as your leadership skills.

From kick-start sessions with clients and partners, where technical requirements are discussed, you take the lead all the way to the moment the project is signed off. No matter who you talk to, you impress with your technical knowledge and leadership.

You manage and mitigate technical risks, you define strategies and align them with standards. You identify technical improvements and follow up on them. If relevant, you ensure that custom solutions are translated to a general solution. Not only do you supervise the technical specifics, you also support and evaluate your team, verifying that the technical level is unprecedented. We are rapidly growing globally, so you will need to enjoy travelling abroad.

Job overviewcore competencies

  • Highly experienced in IT, the full software development lifecycle and the implementation of software solutions into client architectures
  • Experienced in Agile delivery and feel comfortable tailoring it to client’s situation
  • In designing customer-journey-driven architectures, you’re familiar with all stages of making a system production-ready
  • You take pride in over-delivering
  • You have strong hands-on programming skills
  • Excel in Leading Technical Team and acting as a mentor and coach
  • Expert in application servers, databases, load balancers and other infrastructure components required to deploy modern applications. Your expert knowledge is always up to date.
  • Strong expertise in data integration techniques to multiple data sources and in Security frameworks for Cloud based implementations
  • There are no secrets for you in the following: Enterprise Integration Patterns and Frameworks, .NET framework, JavaScript frameworks, MVC patterns and principles of REST APIs, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud architecture and micro-services architecture
  • Customer & Partner focussed. You will need to work closely with including coaching and mentoring staff from our Customers and Partners implementing FintechOS technologies.
  • You don’t mind discovering the world by traveling up to 50% of your time 

Key requirements

  • Created solutions for financial services (mainly banking and insurance)
  • Experience with Portal/Web Content Management
  • Familiar with architectural patterns such as Microservices, CQRS, event sourcing
  • Have experience with server virtualization and containers technology such as Docker, VMWare, HyperV
  • Experience using API gateway, service registry, etc.