Bid Manger

Job description

FintechOS is a technology as a service platform for financial services organizations who want to transform legacy products into cloud based, customer-centric applications that drive revenue. Developed by experts in the financial technology industry, FintechOS empowers banks and insurance companies to accelerate their digital transformation by combining the full force of technical capability with a rapidly deployable platform.

Key takeaways:

· FintechOS is a product company, building an innovative platform for a global market that enables banks and insurance companies act like Fintech companies in record time

· HQ is in London, with offices in Amsterdam and Bucharest

· Currently in scale-up stage: 130+ people, 3 countries, with a large R&D footprint

Product overview:

FintechOS accelerates the adoption of modern technology for financial services institutions (i.e. banks & insurance companies) by providing a top down, customer centric approach to delivering products and services to customers.

Our platform allows any tech-savvy user to create apps by using an intuitive visual editor to design everything from the database model, to business workflows and the user interface. This rapid app development process imposes virtually no limits on creativity and complexity but at the same time - since all apps run inside FintechOS - makes sure they benefit from enterprise-grade security and scalability.

This visual editor (FintechOS Studio) makes use of a growing library of backend services and reusable components ranging from simple UI blocks to complex modules adding advanced functionality such as security, KYC, video conferencing, digital signatures, transactional emails or A.I.

Our customers use FintechOS to build, deploy and run apps in record time, easily integrating the latest technologies required to offer a modern, personalized user experience for all their services.

The role:

A bid manager is responsible for developing high quality winning proposals for existing customers and potential new clients. He oversees and leads a multi-discipline proposal team throughout the bid processes. He/she is involved in all the stages of the development and submission of bids, since the bid manager communicates directly with the client. We expect the bid manager to act as a sales professional, working directly with customers and partners to create value for all parties involved.

Bid Manager responsibilities include:

  • proactively monitors the internal and external environment to anticipate opportunities. Seeks and seizes new opportunities and follows through to create impact.
  • oversees all aspects of proposal preparation, ensuring quality, compelling bids are submitted in a timely manner. They review all customer requirements to ensure that they are met in the proposal and collaborate with a wide variety of involved parties to include all necessary information within the proposals.
  • tasked with coordinating incoming bid requests and proposal responses, the Big Manager must organize and track all requests and responses using company databases. It is their responsibility to maintain and update these databases regularly. They must also set up customer profiles in appropriate databases and maintain customer information.
  • must provide potential and current clients with excellent customer service. They work to improve customer satisfaction and ensure that important clients are retained, quickly developing and implementing solutions when the potential to lose a customer presents itself. Regularly communicating with customers is crucial, as is notifying them of any project updates or changes
  • negotiate with potential and current clients on behalf of their company in order to secure deals and implement pricing agreements between vendor and customer.
  • Demonstrate deep curiosity and professional insight. Learn continuously.

Job requirements

  • Proven experience as a Bid specialist/Account manager
  • Has a good structure and can manage complex problems, integrating relevant variables, and holds self and other leaders accountable for solutions.
  • Business-minded and adaptable, who knows how to organize and prioritize
  • Showing proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Obtaining proposal management experience
  • Demonstrating previous exposure to complex deals, that involve procurement processes and shows an understanding of basic contracting language
  • Has relevant track-record of customer facing time and sales experience
  • Experience securing large contracts
  • Industry-specific knowledge and background in Financial Services is a plus
  • Knowledge of document management methods