Our mission

We believe easy access to finance is as essential as electricity, water and education. It’s essential for all our lives to prosper. Creating highly personalised financial solutions can make an unimagined difference to everybody, everywhere. From disruptors, entrepreneurs and start-ups to traditional players and governments.

For us, financial technology is freedom.

Product overview

What is FintechOS?

FintechOS accelerates the adoption of modern technology for financial services institutions (i.e. banks & insurance companies) by rethinking how apps are built for the enterprise. 

Our platform allows any tech-savvy user to create hyper-personalized digital journeys by using an intuitive visual editor to design everything from the database model, to business workflows and the user interface. This rapid app development process imposes virtually no limits on creativity and complexity but at the same time - since all apps run inside FintechOS - makes sure they benefit from enterprise-grade security and scalability.

This visual editor (FintechOS Studio) makes use of a growing library of backend services and reusable components ranging from simple UI blocks to complex modules adding advanced functionality such as security, KYC, video conferencing, digital signatures, transactional emails or A.I. 

Our customers use FintechOS to build, deploy and run apps in record time, easily integrating the latest technologies required to offer their services through unique, individually tailored experiences that can be easily deployed across everyday devices like mobile phones, watches and tablets. 

The company

Who we are

FintechOS is a product company, building an innovative platform for a global market in the fintech space:

  • HQ is in Bucharest - all product decisions are made here, you will be at the heart of R&D
  • Most team members have 15+ years’ experience - plenty of people to learn from
  • Venture-backed business started in Bucharest in 2017, with a big list of international clients already under our belt 
  • Currently in scale-up stage: 100+ people, 4 countries 

Join us

Current openings

Business Development Representative
  • London, United Kingdom
Community and Ecosystem Marketing Manager
Customer Ops
  • Bucharest, Romania
Marketing Campaign Manager
Customer Ops
  • Bucharest, Romania
DevOps Engineer
  • Bucuresti, Romania
Senior Presales Consultant
Customer Ops
  • Bucharest, Romania
Digital Developer - TechOps
Product Ops
  • Bucharest, Romania
Technical Architect
  • Bucharest, Romania
Digital Developer - Black Belt
Customer Ops
  • Bucharest, Romania
Digital Developer - Technical Solution Engineer
Customer Ops
  • Bucharest, Romania